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Gieves & Hawkes, the international menswear brand, is proud to wish their brand ambassador, Alex Hua Tian, every luck in the upcoming Olympic Games in Rio.

Alex Hua Tian, the British-born rider, will be competing for China at the Olympic Games Rio 2016 and was the youngest-ever equestrian at an Olympic Games when he entered the arena in Beijing 2008 at just 18 years old. Alex took home a silver medal at the Asian Games in 2014 and won the second leg of the Event Rider Masters this June before heading to Rio for the Olympic Games.

Educated at Eton, Alex is the perfect fit with the values of Gieves & Hawkes and was appointed as a Brand Ambassador in 2013. Gieves & Hawkes is proud to supply bespoke riding jackets for Alex and dresses him for occasions both on and off the Eventing circuit.
Head Cutter and Bespoke Tailor, Davide Taub designed and fitted the jackets which were then made by the master tailors of the bespoke workroom on the premises at No.1 Savile Row. The coats are designed to accentuate the elegant lines of the competitor on horseback. Tailoring details abound, including hand top-stitched seams, double parallel front darts, gauntlet cuffs, curved shoulder seams and the piping and lining details that elegantly incorporate Team China colours.


Q: What’s your daily routine?

A: The wonderful thing about working with horses is that no day is the same. We have 26 horses at our stables in the UK and each horse is an individual person needing unique training and competition schedules. As a rider this means that I have to fit in with all of these different individual horses’ requirements. More often than not I will personally ride & train 10 horses per day. Being involved with so many different horses’ careers keeps my life exciting. I am very lucky that this is different to a normal athlete who has to do more or less the same things every day.

Q: Can you please talk about your wardrobe?

A: Around the stables and with the horses I wear special trousers called jodhpurs, leather riding boots and if it is warm in the summer, a polo shirt. Our sport of three day eventing has a lot of traditions. It is the only Olympic sport that we wear formal tailoring whilst competing. The show jumping jacket & dressage tailcoat take their influences from hunting and military uniforms. As a sport we are very lucky to compete in some very beautiful palaces & houses throughout Europe owned by aristocracy and royalty. This means that we are often entertaining sponsors & guests and beautiful events & parties. For these occasions I find a beautifully tailored three piece or double breasted suit most elegant.

Q: What is special about Savile Row, and most especially Gieves & Hawkes?

A: Savile row is the centre of the world for gentlemen’s tailoring. It is not just the brands and the names that you see when you walk down the street but the history, heritage & craftsmanship that those brands stand for. G&H is No. 1 Savile Row and is the pinnacle of men’s fashion. When you wear a G&H suit you feel like you have stepped into a world of the elite.

Q: What are 3 words come to your mind when talking about a ‘Gentleman’

A: Elegant, confidence, masculinity

Q: Anything special you are going to prepare for Rio?

A: Like every competition I must perform two presentations of my horses to the judges, one at the beginning, and one at the end of competition to prove my horse is fit and healthy to compete. These presentations are formal under the traditions of the sport, so I must wear two different formal looks. I am looking forward to the 12th July where I have my fitting for my Rio looks booked at number 1 Savile Row.

Q: What do you think is your greatest achievement?

A: Winning an individual silver medal at the 2014 Asian games, my first and China’s first medal in equestrian sports. I hope one day to win a medal for China at the Olympics.

Q: If you had to pick one look as a favourite, what would it be?

A: I wore a beautiful chevron patterned dinner jacket from G&H for my presentation the prestigious badminton horse trials this year.